Secaucus Public Library

Reopening Policies

Updates/Additions to Library Policies


Due to the continuing State of Emergency,  some library policies have been updated to comply with current Executive Orders and recommendations of the Hudson County and Secaucus Health Department. These policies will be updated at as the situation evolves.  


Circulation Policy

As part of a Summer Fine Amnesty, fines will continue to be waived through August 31, 2020.  Patrons are restricted to ordering 10 items per library card per day through curbside pick-up or delivery. Patrons may not have more than 50 items charged to their library card at any given time. 


Meeting Rooms and Private Study Rooms

During a pandemic health crisis, the library’s meeting rooms and private study rooms are closed until further notice. 


Internet and Computer Use

During a public health crisis, a limited number of computers will be available to the public to allow for social distancing and cleaning.  Computer use may need to be scheduled and time may be limited. 


Limiting the Number of Individuals in the Library at One Time

The Library will abide by the New Jersey Executive Orders and work with County Health Officials to determine the maximum number of individuals that safely can be in the library at any given time and if additional precautions are mandatory.  That figure may include staff as well as the public.  During initial reopening phases, visits may be restricted to Secaucus residents who make prior appointments to prevent outdoor waits and allow for cleaning of furniture and equipment between visitors. 

Additions to Patron Code of Conduct


  1. Library patrons and all persons entering either library building shall be required to wear a face covering in the building. Masks, bandanas or scarves are acceptable. Hands, shirt, or other clothing are not face coverings. Library staff may offer reasonable accommodations to provide curbside or remote access to library services to patrons who can not wear masks.  

  2. All visitors must check-in with library staff stationed at the library entrance.

  3. Temperature taken on entry. Visitors with a temperature above 100.4° will not be permitted to enter.

  4. Library patrons may not rearrange library furniture or bring additional seating or furniture into the library. 

  5. Food and drink may not be consumed inside the library. 

  6. Library patrons must comply with staff instructions and signage regarding limits to services and restrictions on usage of library rooms, browsing sections, equipment, and other indoor or outdoor spaces. 

  7. Library patrons must comply with time limits on library visits. Time limits may be set to minimize waiting times for in-person visits as well as for social distancing and safety purposes. 

  8. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or caregiver over the age of 18.  Teens who are 14 and older may book appointments for YA computer use. 


Quarantining Deliveries and Items Returned by the Public

The Library will quarantine library materials for these suggested periods of time based on type of item:

    • A minimum of 72 hours for paper-based items 

    • A minimum of 72 hours for CDs, DVDs, plastic covered books and courier totes 

Homebound Delivery Services and Curbside pickup of library materials 

Secaucus Public Library will continue to offer contactless curbside pickup of library materials until further notice. 

Library staff and custodial staff may also provide contactless delivery services to homebound patrons residing in Secaucus.  Homebound delivery is conducted based on the schedule and availability of library or custodial staff, and may be restricted to residences where staff can safely and securely leave bagged items in an outside location. The library is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged after the drop-off has been made.  Library and custodial staff are not permitted to enter a private residence for delivery purposes or to provide any library services. 


Approved by Secaucus Public Library Board of Trustees - July 1st, 2020

Copy Machine &Scanning Policy

Be it resolved that the Secaucus Public Library Board of Trustees will grant senior citizens (producing Medicare card or other valid senior ID) one free copy per document, up to 25 pages per day.  This copy must be made at the circulation desk by a library staff member. Additional copies of a document will cost fifteen cents per page.

All other copies will be provided at a rate of fifteen cents a copy for black-and-white copies. Color copies are available for at the rate of fifty cents and are not eligible for senior discounts. No copies will be given to any patron unless they have been paid for in full.

While there is no limit to the number of copies a patron may make using the self-service copiers, library staff shall not be responsible for carrying out large scale photocopying jobs. We reserve the right to limit staff-assisted photocopying jobs to 25 pages per patron per day.


Scanning may be done at any self-service photocopier for fifteen cents per scanned page. Patrons are responsible for providing their own USB flash drive for saving the scanned image. USB flash drives may also be purchased at the reference desk on the library’s second floor.

Patrons who are not able to use the self-service scanning system may have items scanned to their flash drive at the circulation desk for a fee of one dollar per page. Library staff can not print any patron’s documents from an email account or send scanned documents to a patron via email or any other online file sharing service.

No patron may drop off paperwork to be scanned or copied. Any paperwork or copies left behind at the time of the library’s closing will be discarded. The library and its staff are not responsible for any security or privacy breaches resulting from paperwork that has been discarded onsite or left behind by patrons.

Library staff are not responsible for properly disposing of or shredding paperwork given to them or left behind by library patrons. We regret that we are unable to provide shredding services for the public.

Patron Use of Library Supplies

The Secaucus free Public Library supplies scratch paper, recycled from the photocopier and other sources, for note taking but cannot provide other office or school supplies. Office supplies purchased with library budget funds are for use by the library staff in the completion of their work. Because they are purchased with public tax funds, they cannot be sold or given away.

Payment of Fines and Service Fees

All finds and fees are set by the Library Board of Trustees. Fines and fees can be paint by cash or checks made payable to Secaucus Public Library. Payments by check may not exceed $100; valid photo ID must be presented at the time of payment. Personal checks for amounts exceeding $100 may only be accepted at the discretion of the library director.

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