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The Secaucus Public Library is proud to proud to offer patrons a (mobile) Makerspace. The Makerspace will give Secaucus residents the opportunity to create, build and learn new skills using the latest in library technology.

Patrons can schedule appointments in the Makerspace by contacting Lisa Machno at 201-330-2083 x 4050.

Cost of 3D Print is based on the weight of object printed. The library charges 10 cents per gram.

*Click here to view the library's 3D Printer Policy.*

The Makerspace will give patrons access to a variety of technologies such as a 3D printer and scanner, Arduinos, Lego robotics, and a variety of crafting tools. While equipment use will be free, patrons will need to pay for the consumable parts of their projects. Funding for the Makerspace is provided by the Friends of the Secaucus Public Library.

Makerspace Technologies & Tools:

Out to Sea Laptop
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