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Ongoing Exhibits:

Royal Virtual Tours

Take a royal virtual tour through Europe while social distancing. If you’ve ever wanted to walk in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth II, Louis XIV of France or King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, then sit back and enjoy the splendor and grandeur of Europe’s most incredible palaces. It is sure to be a crowning experience. Here are just a few palaces you can tour.  


Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom 


Windsor Castle, United Kingdom


The Royal Palace of Versailles, France 


The Royal Palace of Stockholm, Sweden  

National Parks

Some of us can only dream of visiting one of our national parks. Imagine having the opportunity to experience the wonder of them all? Now you can. Google Earth is offering virtual tours of our national parks. Some of these parks may be on your bucket list, while there are others you may never have heard of.  


Cradle of Aviation, New York  


Great Smokey Mountains 


Yosemite National Park


Monterey Bay Aquarium

With their offering of ten live web cams, you can float with the jellies or play along with the sea otters on Monterey Bay Aquarium virtual portal. On weekdays, you can also view narrated feedings at 11 a.m. on their Open Sea live cam and 1:30 p.m. on the Sea Otter live cam.  


National Museum of the United States Air Force

Looking to fly high? Enjoy this 360-degree, self-guided tour of the NMUSAF. While you may not be able to take a ride in their featured airplanes, Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidential craft for example, you can check it out from every angle. Enjoy this exhibit as well as many other military relics.


Take a trip into space with NASA at their Glenn Research Center and their Langley Research Center. Space Center Houston is also providing an augmented reality experience for all to enjoy, via their smartphone app.  

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Move at your own pace on this 360-degree tour of every exhibit of Washington DC's Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. 

Waddesdon a Rothschild House

Take a trip to Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and explore the house and gardens of Waddesdon. This is your chance to view all rooms up close and personal, even ones that are not open to the public due to their fragility.  


The National Aquarium

Need a dose of aquatic life? Look no further, the National Aquarium in Boston provides a virtual tour of their beloved animals. Now you can swim with the sharks, take a walk through the tropical rainforest and even light up the sea with some jellyfish! Take a trip over to their website for this fintastic experience!



For all of our performing arts lovers, the NJPAC has joined the virtual bandwagon in efforts to provide their loyal community with joy and happiness during this time. At their new portal, NJPAC In Your Living Room, you can enjoy performances from the comfort of your home!  

Ford Theatre

Looking for something historical? Ford Theatre is offering virtual tours of their theatre, The Peterson House and their museum exhibits. See Abraham Lincoln's view of the stage from The President's Box, and stand on the stage that John Wilkes Booth proceeded to land on after the tragic assassination.


Explore Mars

Enjoy a 3D replicated tour of Mars's martian surface from the view of the Curiosity rover. Scientists took Curiosity's recordings and have created this 3D model to study Mars, and plan future expeditions. You can now enjoy this 3D model as well, and learn key points of interest from Kati Stack Morgan. Katie has been a geologist for NASA JPL since 2012.

National Museum of Natural History

Longing for the days of aimlessly wandering around the enormity that is the Museum of Natural History? Long no further. While you may not get all your steps in, the NMNH has provided virtual tours of all their current exhibits! They have even included past exhibits and other select Smithsonian tours.

Have you ever wanted to explore China?

We have your chance right here, and you don't even have to leave your living room!  Explore the Great Wall, one of the worlds greatest wonders, all on this virtual tour.

The Louvre

Take a trip to Paris and contemplate the facades of the Louvre on this virtual tour. With the sponsorship of Shiseido, you can also view the museum's exhibit rooms and galleries!  


George Washington's home in Mount Vernon

Have you ever wanted to explore the lovely abodes of our past presidents? Luckily, you can take a tour of George Washington's home in Mount Vernon. Enjoy this interactive tour, as you are led through the intimate life of America's first presidents.

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