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Secaucus Public Library

Reopening Policies

Updates/Additions to Library Policies


Due to the continuing State of Emergency,  some library policies have been updated to comply with current Executive Orders and recommendations of the Hudson County and Secaucus Health Department. These policies will be updated at as the situation evolves.  


Circulation Policy

As part of a Summer Fine Amnesty, fines will continue to be waived through August 31, 2020.  Patrons are restricted to ordering 10 items per library card per day through curbside pick-up or delivery. Patrons may not have more than 50 items charged to their library card at any given time. 


Meeting Rooms and Private Study Rooms

Meeting rooms may be booked for library use and by local government agencies and Secaucus-based nonprofit organizations. Organizations using the meeting rooms must comply with all state, federal and local mask and social distancing regulations. The library board reserves the right to set room usage regulations that reflect our commitment to the health and safety of our staff and our patrons. 

Internet and Computer Use

During a public health crisis, a limited number of computers will be available to the public to allow for social distancing and cleaning.  Computer use may need to be scheduled and time will be limited to one hour per day. 


Patrons may bring their own laptops or other WiFi enabled devices to the library to access our WiFi signal, but must comply with the same time and usage restrictions placed on public computer workstation use. Laptops may only be used outside the library or indoors at socially distanced workstations designated for laptop use. 


Computer use and laptop or other personal device use may be further restricted or prohibited  based on guidance from the state or local government or recommendations from within the library community. 


Limiting the Number of Individuals in the Library at One Time

The Library will abide by the New Jersey Executive Orders and work with County and Municipal Health Officials to determine the maximum number of individuals that safely can be in the library at any given time and if additional precautions are mandatory.  That figure will include staff as well as the public.  Staff is preparing for a metered access approach depending on guidelines on how many people can gather based on recommended limits.  


Patron Conduct

Library patrons who are not fully vaccinated shall be required to wear a face covering in the building and practice social distancing. Unvaccinated patrons will be required to leave if they do not wear a mask consistently and properly while inside the library or in outdoor library spaces where social distancing is not possible.


Patrons may be asked to limit their time in the library or using any library service in order to allow us to accommodate other patrons. Current time limits for library usage are 1 hour for computer use, browsing, reading and most other indoor library activities. Patrons using enclosed private study rooms or enclosed meeting rooms may use those spaces for up to 2 hours per day. Private study room and meeting room use must be approved by the library staff in charge of booking those spaces. 


Patrons must comply with restrictions regarding access to closed areas as well as limits on room and furniture usage. Patrons may not move library furniture or seating more than 1 foot in any direction. 


Patrons may not bring additional furniture or seating into the library.

Quarantining Deliveries and Items Returned by the Public

Following changes in guidance from governmental and library-related non governmental organizations, the library will no longer quarantine library materials, effective May 19th, 2021. 


Curbside pickup of library materials 

Secaucus Public Library will institute a contactless “doorside” pickup of library materials for the comfort and convenience of the public. 


New Jersey State Library: COVID-19 Pandemic Resources and Plans for Library Reopening


Taskforce on Post COVID-19 Alignment, Trends and Strategies:  Best Practices for Reopening NJ Libraries


Adapted from Moorestown Library’s Reopening Policies

Approved by Secaucus Public Library Board of Trustees : July 1st, 2020

 Amendments Approved by the Secaucus Public Library Board of Trustees: May 18th, 2021

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